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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Satyam interview experience

This is just to write about an experience in Satyam interview which I attended this week ..

I just went ready to face any question he will ask me ..
When he called me I got in and he offered me my seat ..
He was just sitting without asking anything .I just gazed at him ..He started with his questions : "Tell me about your family "..I started "Ok.. My father is working ......." ..like that and about my mother and sister thereafter ..He was nodding ..After each question he was putting gaps before next question .
Then he caught up the flow and asked me about my favourite subjects ..
I said "C programming " ..
He : "Anything else?"
Me:"Ya ..Operating system also "
He:"What all subjects do you study in your college up to this semester "
I started explaining ..Perhaps this was the most difficult question ..:)
He:"Oh and DBMS ? "
Me:" Its just started in sixth semester "
He:"And what are your hobbies ?"
Me : "Programming .." :)
He : "In what all languages do you program ? "
Me: "In C and python "
He:"Ok Give me an example that you have did "
Me:" Magic Calendar ..Its a calendar software "
He:"Explain .."
I explained its working ...and how the calendar is calculated and explained about leap years ..
He then asked about leap years
I explained ..
Then he asked : " Is 2000 a leap year ?"
Me : "yes"
he:"go back and check it .."
and asked me to go ..

I came back ...


I didn't get placed just for saying a truth (2000 is a leap year)?
No, They mustn't have liked my mannerisms ..

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