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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Here goes another project

This is the time when I doubt myself whether am a machine ..Today was a really thick-packed day for me ..Got my blog works,site works and much more in the morning .. Got naveen from noon to do a USB interfacing ..Later got sharath to do a billing system ..(Thank God ! It is the first job completely finished today )..Then I got noufy ,did a quiz database for him (the second one) .. Now I am doing the hardware for USB interfacing .. Usually May ends are the most thick schedules for me ..But this may lacks a tour and that too due to my projects ..Oh ! GOD .. Am I a machine ..?
Let my frustrations be in my blog only ..
Anyway I am gonna start a page for my frustrations to be expressed as simple jobs (not here ) Let the link be in my Chipmonks blog with the name TechLife..

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