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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Logging in as root without logging in

We are all familiar with single-user mode in linux meant for root log in with all permissions .Those who hate multi-user environment where you need password for anything and everything may be fond of single user mode ..

But you must have thought of linux, at times having too much consciousness about your security . At times you must have said "Damn .. I want to copy this file from here to there ..Allow me ..this is ma sytem "..

When you enter into your system as root(via single-user mode) you need to type in your root password always . You could avoid that and allow your system to boot directly as root if u feel to do so..
Just edit a file and change a line .But beware its against your own security since everyone could enter your system similarly from your system ..

So inorder to startX automatically in sngle user mode :

gedit /etc/inittab &
change the line ..

finished ...

Changes happened :

  • When you take single user mode .. password is not asked and you need not type startx .. It just gets into X .
  • And you cant use your terminals at Ctrl+Alt+F1,F2 etc since they aren't started ..
  • Also when log out from X you will go to multi user run level ..If kde installed it may go to kde log in ... But you could turn off instead of logging out safely ...

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