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Saturday, March 17, 2012

This was my first post in my first blog.. (2005)

Launching ma dream ..

High on the throne of Royal State , I feel ,
while I write this juz half faint ..
Far outshown the wealth of JAK n SIM I hav started the blog of my own ..

See how far it goes ..
amongst the ventures like jansoft,anfos and so ..
See how far it will go ..
This silly guy have taken the chance to start blog first b4 JAK n SIM ..ya..n even before NIK ...

Here we go JAK,SIM,NIK n myself ..The jansoft ..Here ,in this blog ,u could see later on ..what happens for me n my groups frm here ..

And me ..ya ..I will call myself a techmaniac ..Inspite of being touched adversely at soft hearts of ma mind I am still to show high ma tech-love ..

hence the blog ..
Lets wait for the rest of the posts ..


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