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Monday, August 4, 2008

Finally I hav done a 'project'

I have been going on enchanting about too many projects ..
Panorama,PCSuite,image2Muzik and what not .. I was rocking with projects ..

Finally I could be proud of having something called list of projects ,but what use .. You can have a satisfaction over your code if you can derive that to an applicable field . Finally I got that feel from my midnight oil ..

A 'video conference' in 50 lines .. Again credit goes to python ..

We made it .. I was alone for the coding part (still it worked)..

A server sends streaming audio and video through two different threads and sockets which is accepted by client code running at the other end of lan .That is the design .

I will upload this whole set of 7 projects I did to chipmonks.co.in/projects in short .

For now ,Juz comment here to get the code ..

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